The Premium Locking Ultimate Leather Redresseur Style Hobble Corset
by Contour Corsets

I began work on this special project as a version of the Ultimate Leather corset design, which has fully finished leather both inside and out, but this time also with Premium Locking features in an extended male redresseur style.  There were several challenges that required new tooling and new construction techniques to complete this very heavy fully finished corset.

One design challenge for making this a Premium Locking model was that I knew that the client would need the ability to self-lock, and since the rigidity of the corset would prevent them from being able to reach down to secure the lower straps that would be part of a dual cover panel Premium Locking design, I had to rethink the whole concept.  What I devised was a completely detachable locking lacing system cover, complete with an inner pocket to stow the laces, and two sets of locking straps.  The upper sets would attach to lock pins mounted on the steel reinforced zipper cover flap, and the lower two had unattached locking roller buckles.  This was done in order that the client could set the lower straps first, then step into the cover, pulling it up over the knees and up over the lower part of the hobble corset, and then stowing the laces and securing the three top sets of straps, thus securing the entire assembly into one fully locked system.  The result was the largest, longest, heaviest, stiffest, most complex corset I have yet made - and a one of a kind corset for a very patient client who had to wait all summer for this to be completed. 

The assembled corset without locking hardware, zipper cover, or lacing guard.  Even without the locking features it is most impressive!

Even before I put the steels in the stay casings the corset was so stiff that it could stand on its own.  This photo shows the finished interior of the corset.  This made for the most challenging sewing imaginable, and I had to devise many new tools to complete the project.

One unique feature that I had to devise for this corset were these tapered center stay casings.  The center steels were shorter, ending about 2/3 the way down the corset in order that the outer steels could converge to the bottom, where the circumference was about half of what it was at the hip.

This is the completed detachable locking panel, showing the interior pouch for stowing the laces. The panel is fully reinforced with three heavy steels, and when locked in place it is very secure.

This shows how the corset and locking panel come together, with the laces tied and stowed.

The completed corset weighs 10 pounds - a lot of steel! 

These pictures show the fully finished Ultimate Leather interior of the corset.


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