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Standard Corset Liners
Standard stocked liner colors are black, white, and beige.  Other colors are available by special order.

Contour Custom Tank Liners
Sporty - Sleek - Slimming

Contour Extended Tank Liners

Good-bye to the old muffin top!
Extended liners control the roll-over that occurs above the top edge of the corset, particularly in the back for most tightlacers.  These sporty Contour Tank Liners are stylish and suitable for everyday wear.  Made from the highest quality 4-way stretch spandex, these are each custom tailored to the customer's own measurements to assure proper fit, and come in your choice of colors. 

Contour Custom "Bombshell" Tank Liners
The look of a classic 50's era full length garter girdle in a Custom Contour liner!
Contour Bombshell Tank Liners

A classic look revisited for the 21st century!  These custom Contour tank liners have a long line and four attached garter tabs to give you that classic bombshell look with your corset.  Each one of my Bombshell liners is completely custom made to the customer's own corset measurements from the highest quality nylon spandex.  They are sleek and seamless inside for best comfort and low profile under clothing, completely machine washable, and look great with your Contour Corset.

Wearing a liner under the corset protects your skin from chaffing caused by the sometimes intense pressures in the corset, allows for adjustment of your skin position inside the corset, and protects your corset from the oils and dander given off by your body.

It is important to change your Contour Corset Liner with a freshly laundered liner daily, so having at least several liners on hand is a necessary part of maintaining hygiene for any dedicated tightlacer.

Contour Corset Liners are made to measure the customer's corset.  They are constructed of very high quality girdle spandex and precision stitched to withstand constant use and frequent machine washing. The upper and lower elastic bands will hold the liner in place after adjusting and insure that the liner will keep taught under the corset and not bunch up or cause chaffing. 

My standard corset liners come in a choice of either white, black, or beige, but of course you may also special order any color of your choice.  For any special orders please email me for a price quote.

Purchase Standard Corset Liners
To order, please send me an email with your measurements using the guide below.  Use a cloth measuring tape and record the actual measurements of the corset when it is closed to the closest centimeter or 1/2 inch:

1) The total height of the corset top to bottom
2) the circumference around the top of the corset
3) the circumference around the waist
4) the circumference around the bottom of the corset
5) the distance between the bottom of the corset and the waist.
Additional Measurements Needed for Tank Liners -
With a belt around your underbust for reference - from underbust center (either right or left under the breast) to the top of that shoulder, and from that point on the top of the shoulder to the top of the belt around the back on that same side (where a bra strap would start).

Liner Pricing - January, 2015
Stock Colors are Black, White, and Beige
- Liner pricing is subject to change and does not include shipping -
Single Standard Contour Corset Liner:  
Hip size up to 38"
Over 38"
Single Tank Liner:  
Hip size up to 38"
Over 38"
Single Bombshell Tank Liner with 4 attached Garters:  
Hip size up to 38"
Over 38"
- - Discounted liner sets must all be the same color - -  
Set of 3 Standard Contour Corset Liners:  
Hip size up to 38"
Over 38"
Set of 3 Tank Liners:  
Hip size up to 38"
Over 38"
Set of 3 Standard Contour Corset Liners purchased with any corset order:  
Hip size up to 38"
Over 38"
Set of 3 Tank Liners purchased with any corset order:  
Hip size up to 38"
Over 38"
All Corset liner orders not included in a corset order will have an additional charge for shipping, and you can email me for a price quote.  


Tightlacing Hygiene:

When you wear a corset every day it is so very important that you tend to your skin to prevent problems that can occur from having inadequate hygiene. 

First, you need to wear a properly fitted spandex liner under the corset, and this needs to be changed daily for a clean one.  The liner will do a great deal to protect your skin from chaffing, as it allows you to adjust the position of your skin under the corset, and it protects your corset from the oils and dander that your skin gives off which will also help extend the life of your corset as well.

Secondly, you need to keep your skin clean and exfoliate every day.  I use a loofa in the shower to exfoliate all around with an anti bacterial soap.  It is a good habit to rub the antibacterial soap into your belly button and thoroughly clean it out each time you wash.  Doing so will prevent the otherwise problematic tendency of rashes in and around the navel which occur due to the proliferation of bacteria trapped there in the warm, moist conditions.  If you do get an itchy red rash it is smart to take a break from the corset until it disappears, and treat these rashes with an antimicrobial ointment twice daily until they are gone.

Thirdly, you need to moisturize.   The liner and corset will constantly wick away the moisture from your skin and so you may tend to experience dryness and itching over time.   After washing it is often necessary to apply a good skin lotion to the area before putting your liner and corset back on. 

Lastly, you need to be mindful of any folding or pinching of the skin when you lace in and go through your day.  The smooth spandex liner will perform its function by relieving a lot of friction as you adjust the corset by allowing the corset to slide along your shape without snagging your soft skin.  Still, as the day goes on and you move around inside the corset, your skin can develop small pinching folds, particularly in the back under the lacing system and around the sides of the waist where the contours are the most pronounced.  Most pinching is easily alleviated by pulling up on the top of the liner and down on the bottom of the liner to stretch out the liner under the corset and remove the wrinkling.  This is usually sufficient for any pinching, but for those with really high reduction and more radical curves there is another trick that I found solves this problem.  I keep a long ½ smooth flat steel stay for this that I put a slight bend in one side.  (If anyone needs this little tool please contact me and I will send you one)   I slide it down under the tightened corset between the liner and my skin, and like a shoe horn I slip it down to the trouble spot, and by gently sliding the rounded end of the stay up and down over the pinched skin, I relax and smooth out the skin there deep in the corset and remove the pinch.   If you do not manage pinch points or reposition the corset when you feel them then the result will be sore red marks on the skin when you remove the corset.  These tiny contusions can swell up and they take time to heal, so it is best not to accumulate them at all.

Tending to your skin is a part of the great responsibility that you have to your body as a tightlacer.  Maintaining healthy skin and preventing infections, rashes, and small contusions not only make you feel better as you tightlace, but it also assures that you can put hours in your corset unabated, and thus you will reach your goals more quickly and maintain your shape in a healthy way.

Putting On and Adjusting a Contour Corset Liner:

My custom corset liners are sized to the wearer and as such they do have a top and bottom and an inside and outside.  I place a Contour Corsets label on one of the elastic bands, and this marks the inside top rear of the liner.  It is best to make sure that the corset is on correctly and that the mark is on the inside, as the seams in the liner are designed to be comfortable when worn this way.

You may want to moisturize before putting the liner on if you typically have dryness or itching after the liner is removed.

Step into the liner and pull the liner up over the hips, keeping the seams of the liner to the front and back.  It is best to avoid having the seams on the sides as this is the place where the most pressure is applied by the corset.

Pull the liner taught and place the corset around.  As you lace the corset to about half way, stretch the top of the liner up and the bottom of the liner down.  The idea is to remove any wrinkles that may be in the liner under the corset.  It is much easier to do this at this point then after the corset is fully tightened.   When the corset is tightened and you are securing the knot, here is a tip try to make the knot loops even length with the loose ends, then tuck the hanging laces up under the corset between the liner and corset.  Then you can roll the lower band of the liner inside out and up over the bottom of the corset.  Do the same with the top of the liner, and you are done.


I do offer quantity discounting and special pricing when liners are purchased along with a corset.  If you wish a quote please email me : 

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